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El Médico “El Musical”

El Médico "El Musical"

Noah Gordon published his novel "The Physician" in 1986, cataloged more than once as a best-seller, has broken records of sales around the world and has been consolidated for years as a milestone in the field of the historical novel. It is, without doubt, the masterpiece of this author, and the one that allowed him to be known throughout the world. This novel constitutes the first part of a trilogy composed of: The Physician, Shaman and Matters of Choice.

This literary work, which already has a film adaptation (the German film Der Medicus , of year 2013), is now the inspiration for this new Musical composed by Iván Macías and with lyrics by Félix Amador. The author (Noah Gordon) expresses his feelings of such project: I am grateful for the creative genius of this talented artistic team and all the actors and members of the orchestra involved. They will allow us to see and hear my story in a beautiful and glorious new sound. I wish you great success as you prepare to launch this exciting project in Seville before the end of the year.

Alain Damas performs the Shah of Persia in this production, placing himself as one of the 6 main characters of this sumptuous work. With 40 artists on stage, accompanied by the Liceo de Moguer orchestra and with the fantastic FIBES Exhibition and Congress Palace in Seville as a background to this unique production, which is directed by the prestigious director Mike Ashcroft.

The shows will take place from December 20th to 23rd, 2017. Tickets for sale at: https://www.fibestickets.es.

The musical of the year: the premiere of El Médico, “El Musical”; based on Noah Gordon’s best Seller, created and composed by Iván Macías and Félix Amador; with Alain Damas in the role of the Shah of Persia.

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