Secret Sonnets in Seville

La Traviata – Òpera d’Andorra
3 March, 2017
Philip Glass – The Fall of the House of Usher
11 April, 2017
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Secret Sonnets in Seville

Secret Sonnets in Seville

This time it's Seville's turn to become the host of Alain Damas & Diego Rivera's talent, whom will give us a magical evening where the communion between poetry and music will be the focal point of a concert that will takes us through the voices of various composers and eras.

The programme starts with the genius of Christoph Willibald Gluck, the composer who took up the original idea Prima la parola, poi la musica and turned all his energy to extol the text and emotion. From there we go to the delusions of Petrarch for Laura, masterfully represented by the textures and colors of Liszt, leaving us with a sense of unbridled passion. Then we lead to the elegance and sophistication of Francis Poulenc, whose banalities delight us and shake us to tears. Sergei Rachmaninov bring us a bit of Russian nostalgia and melancholy, which will serve as a prelude to the exotic and passionate language of Tosti and Turina, that will lead to an emotional climax to close with a flourish this programme.

Going from Greek tragedy to the routine of a trip to Paris, this recital more than being just a presentation to this cd, is an invitation to the senses; a map to discover a dream world through every word and every note.

The date is on tuesday april 18th, 20:30 hrs at Espacio Turina, Seville.

Alain Damas and Diego Rivera present their cd “Secret Sonnets” at Espacio Turina in Seville.

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