Secret Sonnets: Mission Accomplished!

Pauline Viardot: Cendrillon
13 November, 2016
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3 March, 2017
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Secret Sonnets: Mission Accomplished!

Secret Sonnets: Mission Accomplished!

I start our selection of news for 2017 with one that fills me with energy, optimism and many hopes: Our CD "Secret Sonnets" is already released!.

After a successful crowdfunding campaign through the platform Verkami, which ended on November 5, 2016; we were able to raise our goal of 5000 euros thanks to generous donations from 77 patrons , which were distributed among the 11 alternatives offered for the public to pledge. To all of them we extend our warmest and kindest words of gratitude, since they have been the final impulse for this project, besides of fulfill the rewards according to their donation.

Diego and I would like to give a sign of gratitude to all our close collaborators; Who, with their invaluable work, made possible a product of which we are extremely proud to call ours. First of all, our families and friends who with their support gave us encouragement at all times we had to face difficulties. To the CEO of Orpheus Classical , the pianist and conductor Félix Ardanaz; Whose work has been invaluable, giving us the opportunity to produce a recording of high quality and transcendence. We extend our most sincere thanks to our colleagues: the composer and pianist Josué Bonnín de Góngora, and the singer Francisco Javier Fernández Díez who wrote the texts that serve as side-notes to our recital in the CD booklet. And last but not least the work of translating those texts into English by Ester Del Olmo and their final revision by Siobhan O'Rourke .

Our recording got it's official presentation at San Sebastián's Teatro Victoria Eugenia on november 30th with the sponsorship of the organization Donostia Musika, afterwards, it got presented in Madrid under the sponsorship of the most renowed spanish composer of our times: Zulema de la Cruz at La Quinta de Mahler and Toccata en A, on december 01 and 02 respectively. Besides, we have been able to introduce our recording in two prestigious radio shows by RNE such as: La Dársena (audio here) and Artesfera (audio here). And last but not least our recording has already been praised and considered outside Spain: The prestigious Gershon Vienna Gallery & Fine Art based in Austria; followed the progress of our internet crowdfunding campaing and has requiered us copies of our cds to sell them.

We invite you to keep following the informations of our future commitments related to our CD and to acquire it soon on this website:

Alain Damas

The voice of Damas is perfect for this type of repertoire ... His interpretation is emotional and perfect from a technical and expressive point of view ... Rivera's pianism is light and elegant, establishing a great synergy between the two musicians .

Francisco J. Balsera

...The voice at the service of all times. The Flexibility (again this allows the passage of time, because the rigid crystallizes and ends up breaking before the envying of the Eternal), the naturalness, solvency and deep understanding of the score cohabit without conflict in Alain's interpretive soul...Gluck sounds like Gluck. Schubert sounds like Schubert. Although in his intimate psychological structure the Human is a dialectical being, the dialectic of Rivera and Alain's interpretation and performance is synergistic. Fluid even in contrasts. Clear even in the darkness. They have found in this musical pair the third point that makes them lean to find the emotion of the listener.

Josué Bonnín de Góngora

The new record production by Alain Damas and Diego Rivera on the label Orpheus Classical including works from chamber repertoire by authors like Liszt, Rachmaninov, Poulenc and Schubert is already available in stores.

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